Christian And Nerdy



Dear Christian girls,

Please do not settle for less than godly. When you spend all your time settling for less than you want, you start to believe that it is all you deserve. I understand when you see your friends getting into relationships and start posting 'couple selfies' taken at some of their favorite locations, you grow impatient and start feeling cheated from happiness. At first glance, it is easy to get sad and depressed over having no boyfriend, especially if everybody else you know is in a relationship already. In reality, the opposite is true. The girl who jumps into relationships too quickly comes out feeling bitter and jaded. Women who have gone through breakup experiences have reported a loss of focus, insomnia, panic attacks, eating disorders, to mention a few. Women tend to feel the emotional pain associated with a breakup more intensely than men. Just dating a good guy is not an option if he is not a Christian guy. You have well-behaved men, especially around good

Christian girls, it is tempting to want to date someone who is a non-believer, especially if he is friendly, polite, and open-minded about your faith. But precious if he is not a Christian. He will not be there to have a Christian relationship because he does not know-how. All he knows is that you are a virgin and that maybe after a few dates, you will give in to sex so that it will be a challenge for him. This could also apply to men who claim to be Christians but are really wolves. Jesus himself warns us that some claim to be believers, but they are vicious and ravenous wolves dressed up in sheep's clothing. Jesus said, by their fruits, you should know them. A wolf can be an expert at talking like a Christian, but over time, when you observe his behavior, they look more aggressive. As the saying goes, the sweetest tongue often

has the sharpest tooth. I know women who married non-Christians, and have forced their boyfriends to marry them; as far as the boyfriend was concerned, he already got what he wanted, but now he has to get married to stay in her apartment. Ask yourself this question: do you need to go through the emotional stress of forcing someone to marry you, assuming he will do it. Most men these days resist marriage because they believe marriage requires a substantial increase in their behavior commitment.